Saturday, June 23, 2012


Mormon Messages: In the Spirit of Thanksgiving
(this one is my very favorite!)

Blessing: a favor or gift bestowed by God, thereby bringing happiness

I believe we are all children of God. I believe that He loves us more than we can comprehend. I believe that He does sincerely listen to our prayers, and want the best for us. I believe that He truly will give us what we really need, if we just ask. I believe that the Lord has a higher, more beautiful plan for each one of us that we could imagine. I believe that it is possible to be frustrated with life, but that the Lord can help ease our burdens and pain. 

We are as blessed as we choose to recognize. There are more wonderful things around us than we can comprehend... as long as we choose to see them that way.

Mormon Messages: Thanksgiving Daily

I have a lot of things to be grateful for. 
Prayer, family, sight, this earth, angels, dogs, friends, the elements, the gospel, the ability to learn, bare-feet, green grass, dandelions, laughter, trucks, sounds, smells, rain, sunshine, clouds, calluses, snow, wind, leaves, trees, mountains, bodies of water, animals, a bed, apples, hot tamales, smiles, wildflowers, fields, hugs, thunder, lightning, books, country music, bluegrass, bicycles, plants, hands, feet, health, happiness, strength, chocolate, a place to live, an alarm clock, the ability to change, the ability to choose, the ability to be, trials, opportunities, the future.

I'm grateful for life. I'm grateful to be me.

<3 MK

Friday, June 1, 2012

These days...

This semester Diamond Rio came to BYU-Idaho!! Ryan, Kim, Jenny, and I were able to go. It was so fun to see a group that we have loved growing up. They were amazing...

Side note: Apparently people don't dance and go crazy at concerts in Rexburg, Idaho... it was a bit odd to me. It felt almost as though the audience seemed too unenthusiastic and borderline rude. Don't worry though, Kim, Jenny, and I danced our little hearts out all by ourselves.

I was able to go do the Race for the Cure up in Boise with the Perez family. It was the best! They are such wonderful people and feel like family since I've known them practically all my life. Also, it was extra happy, because this year marks Kathy's 10th year as a survivor! So wonderful! 
I had a blast and am excited for next year. 

Basically my truck is beautiful and I can't refrain from posting about my love for it. 

Ryan and I have been having so much fun with this. We've got him running like a champ, lifted with gnarly mud tires, lined the rockers and grill, and got his new sound system installed. He is coming along quite nicely and looks stinking wonderful. I realize we are complete hicks, feel free to blame my parents. 


In 23 days I get to see my Momma and sister.

In 25 days I get to see my little brother.

In 52 days I get to see my Daddy, my dog, and be in beautiful Alaska for an entire month!

Excited doesn't even begin to describe it. My family is really important to me. Since they are now up in Alaska, I wasn't able to go home for spring break. This is the longest I have been without them, and this homesick girl is ready for some family lovin! 

Also, I just found out my grad-plan has been approved! I am so happy I could pee! 

I should be starting my internship here in September and only have a few semesters left. I feel like I have been here forever and still have ages to go... but the end is in sight!

The happiest part about this is that Ryan and I may graduate at the same time! Oh my lands! It would be the greatest thing ever to graduate with my big brother! I am the luckiest!

Life is such a happy thing. 
It doesn't matter how many strange, crazy, sad, frustrating, or downright difficult things happen, 
it is still happy and I am grateful to living and breathing it all in.

<3 Living the Dream,

PS: This is hilarious. Go ahead, let yourself laugh.