Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One Nation Under God

 WARNING: The following post is highly opinionated.

      To say that I am a highly patriotic person would be an understatement. I'm grateful for this wonderful country that I have been blessed to live in. I believe that you can never fly too many American flags, support too many veterans, or encourage too many people to vote. 
      This beautiful land has been preserved as a place for Christianity to spread as God is freely worshiped and freedoms are granted. 
      I think that the biggest problem in the United States of America is the spirit of entitlement. We seem to forget that freedom isn't free, and that we need to actively work for it by being productive citizens, honoring/serving in the military, and voting...
TOPIC 1: Voting

Voting season is upon us! This may come off strong, but I have a low tolerance for people who are not politically active. All it takes is simply EDUCATING yourself and voting.
     It's simple.... but something that people seem to miss. I don't care who or what you vote for, as long as you educate yourself prior to voting. I hate when people just vote for the "popular" candidate or vote for the candidate their friends like rather than learning for themselves.
     Fact is, the candidate who wins may not be the true country favorite. The candidate who wins is the one receives the most votes... meaning the one with the most active supporters. So go vote.
TOPIC 2: The Pledge
      I feel the Pledge of Allegiance is slowly exiting our lives and I don't like it. I sent in a request to the Student Representative Council (SRC) at BYU-Idaho requesting that we say the pledge at our weekly devotionals. Reasonable, right? 

      Here's the response I received from a member of the SRC (unedited)... "One of those problems is that Devotional is that it is planned out time wise so that it is not to long, so adding the pledge would make use start earlier or end later and that is something that the administration does not want to do. Also, we have many International Students that attend this university and this might make them feel a little uncomfortable."

     My thoughts:
1. It takes less than two minutes to say the pledge.
    We have time.
2. International students may feel a little uncomfortable? I don't care. At all. If you can't respect this country then leave. International students  are here to utilize the freedoms and opportunities we have. You don't have to say it, simply stand and show respect for the country you are furthering your education in. People die every day to ensure our safety, how about we show gratitude?


I'm sorry if I've offended anyone, this is just what's on my mind.
I hope ya'll take a few seconds to vote and give your country some loving. 

Living the Dream,

Monday, October 29, 2012


EVERYONE! The day has come. I SAID YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't be more happier right now! His name is CC. And he's made me the happiest girl EVER!!!!!!
Here is a picture of my ring-
We've been dating for about 3 days now- and it's been amazing. I'll tell you the story in my next blog post, promise. But now, I have to tell you something even more important. 

So let me tell you. I have the best roommate ever, well apartment mate. Her name is Megan. She's the coolest ever. I worship her. I wish I could be as awesomely cool as she is. She's my idol. I just love her so much that it's hard to describe. She's beauty and she's grace, she's Miss United States! I'd miss her even if I hadn't ever met her. I love her, most ardently. She's the best.

I love her more than I love aardvarks, and that's saying how much I really do love her.


PS- Mandy- remember when you stole my computer. Well, this is what happens. And yes, I can hack more than facebook :)