Friday, September 23, 2011

Novice Alaskan

We all know the saying, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do...."

World pictures
I have been blessed to be able to experience new and exciting things, people, places, and ways of life. I love trying new things. I feel like oftentimes we don't want to try in fear of failure and embarrassment. Stop thinking that! There is no shame in trying something new. Worst case scenario you don't enjoy it, who cares?! How else would you truly know? Be daring.

I realize that I have lived and loved many different places, it's true. I don't think there is anything wrong with enjoying experiencing different lifestyles. I love it! I am so grateful for it.
My life is incredible.

Let's talk about ALASKA- I love this place! I have been so blessed to be introduced to so many different people and lifestyles. I realize I have only been here a short while, but am grateful to have been welcomed with open arms. I want to especially shout out to the Taylor family. These people are wonderful, fun, loving, and will always be considered family to me. I love ya'll, thank you. <3

Today was my day off so I took the Alaskan drivers license test and passed with flying colors. 100%. Yeaya! You can all rest assured that I know the laws... whether or not I abide is a different story. While doing this I also registered as an Alaskan voter. Step 1 towards being Alaskan: Complete.

Bradley shot a massive caribou this weekend and I have been so excited about it. I got to go to the Taylor's and experience cutting the meat off of a dead beast. Awesome! Totally disgusting. Blood everywhere. I loved it! No joke, I had so much fun. I am so grateful the Taylor's let me join in. You are probably shocked that I cut meat off a dead animal and enjoyed it. I may be shocked as well. This gun-shy hippie had fun. Step 2 towards being Alaskan: Complete.

Yup, it's official, I am a novice Alaskan! Happy!

I love my life. I have the best family and friends that anyone could ask for. I am the luckiest person.

<3 Living the Dream,


Sunday, September 18, 2011

My name means "luckiest person ever" in Egyptian.

"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured."
-Gordon B. Hinckley

I am so blessed.

There have been many awesome things in my life this week. 
Some highlights:

I have had multiple opportunities to spend time with wonderful people this week. I was able to have some goofy girl time and some crazy adventure time. I am grateful to be in Alaska. I love the people and am grateful for the opportunities here.

I should probably talk to ya'll about the dead moose parts I touched this week. Yup. I definitely did....and kind of liked it. Aside from the evil odor they were exuding it was awesome. I was reminded of the dissection portions of science classes. That was my favorite part, so I am excited to experience this more. I am grateful for the kind people of Alaska that have been letting me join in on their adventures and learn more about the dreamy Alaskan way of life. I love it. 

I had a big-fatty-massively-important prayer be answered this week. I know I am loved and that He believes in me because He prepared a way for me despite my imperfections.

Tuesday evening my mom told me that she had seen a 'help wanted' sign at the store in town. I hurriedly printed out a copy of my resume (which is probably unnecessary in Delta Junction, Alaska, but a formality I followed nonetheless,) and went to the store. I submitted an application and went home hoping to get an interview within the week. Ten minutes later I received a phone call. Ten minutes! No joke. I am the most blessed person I know. This phone call was Heaven-sent. The owner of the store told me that she had a full-time position available and would love to have me fill it. She told me that she would pay me 80% more than I had been previously making and that I would also receive tips. I was told I could wear whatever I wanted, could have Sundays off, and could start the next day if I wanted. YES! I definitely could oblige to that.

This is a great opportunity for me. While there are a few things I wouldn't mind changing about the job, I am so grateful to have it! Beggars can't be choosers, especially in a small town. I am making bank and am grateful to be able to save up enough money to get me through the school year without working. I have never done that and am excited to be able to spend even more time in my beloved econ lab. No, you are actually not sensing sarcasm in that statement. I love economics! I am hoping to return to those good grades I used to receive a scholarship for. I may even have the time to double major now. I have been wanting that for quite some time and may make that dream a reality. I have been working and going to school full-time ever since I was 15 years old and am grateful to get a little break soon. My life is wonderful. I am the luckiest person on the planet!

I have been thinking a lot about angels and miracles lately, and was so blessed to have those topics discussed in church today. While there are many doctrinal complexities I have yet to unravel, I am still grateful. I believe that gratitude is a key component to recognizing the miracles and angels in our lives. I believe that whatever we seek we shall find. If you believe the world is a horrible place then you will recognize all of its flaws before you see all the beauty it holds. I believe that there are angels among us that answer our prayers. I believe that if we follow God's plan we can be angels for other people. I am so grateful for the times that I have been able to help another soul and am so grateful for the incredible angels that work mighty miracles in my life. I believe that if we choose to, we can recognize miracles constantly in our lives. Nearly everything can be viewed as a miracle if we have gratitude in our hearts. 

I hope that we can all follow President Hinckley's counsel and try a little harder to be a little better.

I believe that this life is all about choices. I believe that we can choose what we want to be. I believe that happiness is a choice, and that gratitude is the quickest way to reach it.

These are just some random happy thoughts of today. 
Forgive me for my rambles. 

<3 Living the Dream,

REMEMBER: Faith precedes the miracle.

Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12th

"Today you are alive, for today you should be grateful."

There have been many significant things that have happened on this date (September 12) throughout History...

1952: Monster sighting in Flatwoods, West Virginia. For this, I'm sure you are grateful.

1992: NASA launched Space Shuttle Endeavor on STS-47 marking the 50th shuttle mission. On board were the first African-American woman in space, the first Japanese citizen to fly a US spaceship, and the first married couple in space. We should always be thankful for the 'firsts' of anything.

Ben Folds
Hans Zimmer

We can thank today for birthing the musical talents of Barry White, Hans Zimmer, Ben Folds, and Jennifer Hudson.

Fans of football and baseball can thank today for birthing Ki-Jana Carter, Daniel Muir, Clayton Richard, Andrew Luck, and Freddie Freeman.

Paul Walker Photos

Fans of 'The Fast and the Furious' and just gorgeous men in general can worship today for granting us Paul Walker.

Sing praises!
....quit drooling.

All mankind should be thankful for the life and legacy of Johnny Cash, aka "The Man in Black". On this date in 2003 Mr. Cash was taken from us.
I love this man!

Also, today is Christian Feast Day, so quit feeling like a fatty ya'll! ;-)

Today is officially the first frost of the season at the Kilburn party pad in Alaska. Yeaya Winter!
I'm ready for winter sports/adventures.

The moral of this post: There is something wonderful about every day we live. Live it, embrace it, love it. 
There's no better time to choose happiness!

May God Bless.
<3 Living the Dream,

REMEMBER: "Let us relish life as we live it, find joy in the journey, and share our love with friends and family. One day each of us will run out of tomorrows." -President Thomas S. Monson

Thursday, September 8, 2011

And so it goes.

Some happies of today...

Football opener today!!! Can't believe Satan prevailed against the Saints...lame. No more wins please, Cheeseheads!

I decided to make a Vikings blanket the other day. It's pretty bomb. I'm so ready to kick Packer trash this season. 

Funny story: I have been skipping the bread and only taking the water during the sacrament because, of course, I'm allergic. I was waiting for the Branch President to return from his travels to ask what he would prefer I do. My parents met him....and found out all of the sacrament bread is gluten-free because there is another little girl in the ward allergic as well. I was skipping it for nothing. Happy! No special 'weird' sacrament for me!

Had a job interview this morning...should know within a week. Dolla dolla bill ya'll.

On my mind:
I love my life. Alaska is beautiful, wonderful, and friendly. I am so glad I decided to stay, it was definitely the right decision. I still really want to go on a mission so we will see what happens. I got 4 months to make money before I head back to BYUI.

Congrats to Ry for scoring a a job today! Atta boy! He is the best big brother, I love him! I am grateful for all he does for me, and am thankful our chats. He never holds anything back and oftentimes I really need to hear what he has to say. I have the best family ever. I have the best friends ever. I am the luckiest / most blessed person I know! 

<3 Living the Dream,

REMEMBER: Never quit trying. You're gunna make it after all.

Friday, September 2, 2011


I'm refunding the plane ticket and am going to stay and play in the other USA for a little bit longer,
On my current agenda is to...

I will really miss all of my friends and family but feel like this is the best choice for me right now.
No worries though, I will be back in Idaho come January, ready for fun.
I love you all.

<3 Living the Dream,


Thursday, September 1, 2011

In Alaska We....


This place is so different. I often find a giggle and smile about how different it really is.

I thought I would share a few of the reasons with you...

1. I can see Russians from my house. (Pun intended. I can't see the country but we have plenty of the people.)
2. Eating caribou, moose, buffalo, and bear is commonly accepted. (I have eaten the caribou and moose so far...and I like it.)
3. People talk about how warm it is when it's 55 degrees. (and I'm wearing a coat.)
4. You don't need a permit to carry a gun. (Everyone is packing. We have no cops only troopers.)
5. The "Welcome to Delta" sign fell down the other day. (and is still down.)
6. While at a cute "stamping party," the topic of Rexburg's massive size, city factor, and pure intimidation were seriously discussed.

These are just some of the reasons why I love Alaska.

For those wanting to come: COME!
For those thinking we're nuts: Just keep on laughing.

 (^She is not one of my reasons. haha)
<3 Living the Dream,

REMEMBER: You can't control the wind, but you can adjust your sails.