Friday, December 3, 2010


I feel as though the topic of "finding yourself" is constantly attacking me via society (mainly peers and movies.) As a result of this nonsense and the fact that I haven't blogged in ages, I am going to dedicate this post to a rant pertaining to identity.

** I am NOT claiming to know the keys to life. I am simply stating who I am and how I feel about that. :)


My theory, in a nut-shell....

1. "Finding yourself" is not a one time thing, it is a life-long process.
Perhaps life wouldn't be important if we learned everything at once, perhaps we have come to earth to grow and develop, "trial upon trial, experience upon experience." While this makes perfect sense to me, this fundamental to my theory has previously tagged me among the 'youthful inexperienced' by those who contradict. Perhaps that is not a bad thing, I believe I am still youthful, and have no problem admitting that I have not experienced all life has to offer yet. Personally, I feel as though a main problem in society today is the refusal to let life happen in a process. Society is constantly throwing doubts in our minds, telling us that we need to know everything about ourselves right now, telling us that we can never make ourselves or anyone else happy without fully 'finding ourselves.' This is me challenging that. This is me saying, lets allow life to happen. As long as we have determined our moral foundation, the rest is fine to come with time. As for making yourself happy....I strongly believe happiness is a choice. Let's choose it, my friends.

2. Changing throughout life is a wonderful thing.
We grow and change through experiences throughout life. Some of the most influential factors I have found in my life are people, trials, and just experience in general. At least in my life, I add to my list of likes and dislikes upon experiencing things. While some things are new in general, other things reshape preconceived notions and previously decided feelings. I feel this is what keeps life exciting. I enjoy experiencing new things, I enjoy finding new joys, I enjoy trying the foreign. Let's allow ourselves to change, lets use our knowledge to reconstruct our ideas about the world around us. Lets enjoy life. I mean, how frequently do we let new found pleasures become passions? We go through this messy yet blissful life gathering new loves as we go along. I find no shame in that. Love doesn't have to be so complicated. I feel as though we should give and receive true love freely. I always want to live with life and love as my passions.

3. Once you realize you have gotten something very right, you should embrace it and love it.
This particular fundamental to my theory pertains especially to our top priorities. For example, being a 'Mormon' is something that I hold dear in my life. I know that the church is true, and that it is how I can follow God and become my best. Family is another top priority in my life, and I believe that loving family is right and good, no need to change that. Why throw out things in our life that are right, in order to simply 'spice things up'?? Some things are magnificent just the way they are.


I know who I am at the moment, and am constantly working towards who I want to be.
Join me. Let's be the best at being us.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The love of a penny.

So you know all the sayings..... A penny saved it a penny earned; A penny for your thoughts; Penny wise, pound foolish; Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck; etc.

I am here to inform you that I FOUND A PENNY THIS MORNING! Yeaya! :)

(**Note that is NOT my hand....that pic is courtesy of google....hence the knarly man thumb.)

So my wayward mind took to some pondering on the penny.....

Why love the penny? Better question, why NOT love the penny! I mean this shiny little chunk is larger than a dime, but worth only a tithes worth of that same dime. It is fascinating. Then I remembered a teacher once told me in chem, (while doing a lab where we destroyed helpless pennies,) that awhile back it costed more to make a penny that $0.01, so they had to re-vamp their formula and take out part of the copper. (I believe, unless of course I am lying right now.) Anyways. How awesome these little buggers are. I mean, excluding only one while naming a price makes you feel like you are paying an entire dollar lense, (EX: $19.99 looks so much less than $20.00).

I wikipedia-d the whole penny action as well as the saying, and pretty much all it said was that the 'Find a penny' rhyme is strangely similar to the 'Find a pin' rhyme. Suck. All I'm saying is that I would way rather have a shiny penny to a pokey pin any day! Dear Wikipedia, for once you have let me down.

While in my 'pondering of the penny' state I happened to hear the song 'If I Die Young' by The Band Perry (fantastic song, exactly what I want if I die young, LOL)...anyways in the song Kimberly Perry sings,
"A penny for my thoughts, oh no I’ll sell them for a dollar
They're worth so much more after I’m a goner
And maybe then you’ll hear the words I been singin’
Funny when you're dead how people start listenin’"

Intriguingly true, right?! I mean my man Mikey Jackson made way more $$ in the 6 months proceeding his death than he did in the decade preceeding. Say what?! Gotta love the craziness of life!

This lucky penny of mine, proved its luck throughout the course of my day. :) I got to spend time with my lovely fam, and do my adorable sister's hair all fancy. I was graced by the beauty of rain and thunderstorms with a magnificent lightening show to boot! Got to see and talk to old friends. Got to spend time with the lovely Sister Larson and Sister Whetton who never cease to make me smile. Got to go to an awesome FHE with an awesome ward. Got to see amazing friends and people whom I love. Got phone calls from my 2 besties in the whole wide world. And the list goes on and on...... :) Twas a mighty fine day! :)

So to wrap up this entirely too lengthy post about a simple penny, I hope to challenge us all to live each day as if we have just been graced by a 'lucky penny'....maybe then we will see more of the blessings God grants us all each day, the beauty that surrounds us, and the opportunities we have to become better day by day. :) I'm going to try this gratitude exploration and I'd invite you to do the same. :)

-Thank you, dear penny, for greeting me with the lovely Lincoln Memorial this fine day!



While many of you have met the love of my life, some have not, so I am dedicating this post to the introduction of my doggy.

Breed: Golden Retriever
Awesome: YES!

What comes to mind when you first think of the name 'Layla'?
.....If you are thinking, Eric Clapton's wonderful voice and magical musical skills, then you are absolutely correct! If you then proceed to think about how much you love the unplugged version, then we were meant to be friends. :)

So my Layla is almost 2 years old, and is seriously the most beautiful doggy you have ever seen. Her coat is fantastic, her tongue ridiculously long and funny, her eyes beautiful, and her personality is a ten! :) I'm in love.

She loves long walks on the trail, baths with warm water, and puddle jumping.....but don't get me wrong, this little lady can hold her own! She pretty much dominates at wrestling with Elway (my parents Golden).

Yes, this is definitely a worth while thing to blog about, I mean how would you have felt if you would have never been introduced via blog to my dog.......extremely sad, that is how!


Well I love you all,



If the past is any indicator at how this blog will go, I am extremely sorry already!

I keep getting messages curious to whether or not I have fallen off the planet....I can assure you all that I am still alive and kickin. :)

So....what to blog about? I don't even know, hence this being my 3rd try at a blog, haha, whoops! Ideas would be greatly appreciated, (especially from those of you who peer-pressured my return) :).

Please and thank you!


Thursday, April 8, 2010


I'm re-do-ing this business.
patience please...